Shipping 4.0 - A new horizon

A single platform to holistically integrate fleet operations, deliver unparalleled awareness and generate actionable insights with tangible commercial returns

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Focus on the bridge and beyond

A platform with future proof solution

The foundation of the cloud-based platform consists of a suite of market-leading maritime solutions within a common user environment. A single open platform that can easily integrate data and workflows from legacy systems, enterprise systems, and 3rd party point solutions.

Be part of a new paradigm, where technology is regarded as an investment rather than an expense. Reach operational efficiency and insights not previously achievable with legacy systems or through human endeavour alone.

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Applying Industry 4.0 to Shipping

We offer three key technology solutions which operate in harmony to address the digital needs of ship owners and fleet managers within the maritime industry:

OpenOcean Studio® - Cloud-based platform to plan, operate, coordinate and optimise fleet operations.

OpenOcean Edge™ - On-board solution connecting seafarers with processed real-time data and management on shore.

Oktopus.One® - On-board industrial hardware providing IoT connectivity and intelligent edge processing.

OpenOcean Studio - Platform diagram

Gain a truly competitive advantage


Respond more rapidly to operational events

Make more informed, data-driven decisions. Enable shore-based managers to empower seafarers to make key decisions.

Combined, these capabilities enable safer, effective and more efficient fleet management to occur in real-time, with a focus on the future, rather than historical data.


Better decisions empowered by data science

Appropriate application of simulated physical models (digital twins), mathematical algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Gain new insights previously unachievable, such as seafarer travel optimisation, vessel performance optimisation, non-compliance root cause, and spares inventory optimisation.

OpenOcean Studio platform approach

  • Ultra-Fast Deployment

    Ultra-Fast Deployment

    Rapid vessel rollout and configuration of the SaaS platform

  • Single Integrated Platform

    Single Integrated Platform

    Unified key shipping management activities; easily integrated with customer legacy systems, ERP's and market solutions

  • Simple Support and Upgrade

    Simple Support and Upgrade

    Highly responsive and device agnostic browser-based solutions hosted on Amazon’s cloud infrastructure

  • Flexible Adoption

    Flexible Adoption

    The modular configuration of the platform enables customers to easily select functional elements best suited to their needs

  • Open and Connected

    Open and Connected

    Third party applications plug seamlessly into the platform, leveraging its capabilities

  • Secure and Compliant

    Secure and Compliant

    Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, stored securely isolated from the public internet

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